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KATRONIC Ultrasonic clamp-on flow monitor/switch

Katronic Ultrasonic clamp-on flow monitor/switch

katronic KATflow10

The KATflow 10 uses an alternative ultrasonic measurement principle to the KATflow clamp-on flow meter range and therefore requires different application conditions. Applying the ultrasonic Doppler flow  measurement  technique, the KATflow 10 requires liquids, which contain entrained solids, gases or turbulence in order to provide a  measurement .

Applications and configuration

The accuracy of this device is less than for the KATflow ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters, however, the KATflow 10 is ideal for pump protection or overflow applications. The unit is very easy to install with minimum configuration required. The KATflow 10 provides both analogue and alarm outputs on the standard model and achieves an uncertainty of less than 10%. It can be supplied in configurations for standard and high flow velocities and for installation in hazardous areas (Ex certified).

Typical applications
  • Aerated Liquids
  • Ash Slurries
  • Paint
  • Paper Stock
  • Activated Sludge

Lokasi: Banten, Indonesia

KATRONIC Hand-held clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter

 Katronic Hand-held clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter

katronic KATflow 200

General information

With a weight of less than 700 g, the KATflow 200 is a very light portable flow meter which can be carried in one hand. This makes it an ideal tool for the use in confined spaces. Due to its robust housing with rubber shock protector, the  flow meter  is suitable for applications in tough, industrial conditions.
As with all other Katronic models, the KATflow 200 offers an intuitive instrument menu and Setup Wizard which guides the user step-by-step through the meter configuration.
The correct installation of the clamp-on sensors on the pipe is made easy by the incorporated Audible Sensor Positioning Assistant which gives the user visual and audible indications during sensor mounting.

Data logger and download interface

The KATflow 200 can be ordered with an internal data logger, which is available in two sizes to store up to 30,000 or 100,000 measurements with each measurement comprising up to 10 units (velocity, volume, mass units) which can be selected by the user before each  measurement .
In combination with a data logger, the KATflow 200 is supplied with the KATdata+ software which enables the user to download and visualise the flow data on a computer after the  measurement  or in real-time using the embedded terminal function. The data can be transferred via RS 232 or USB.

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